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Watch a short video about how to access the databases.  Thank you to BCTV for producing this video.
A renowned scholarly resource that contains full text for more than 4,770 academic journals.  Some journals include backfiles as far back as 1975.
An authoritative and dynamic online resource that contains incisively written, high-quality reference material covering all major scientific disciplines, as well as links to primary research material, videos and exclusive animations.
Search full-text articles from popular magazines such as  Newsweek, Popular Science, Smithsonian, Mother Earth News, The Atlantic, Harvard Health and more!
Contains articles, images, and other resources covering over 500 years of American history.
Access Census records, immigration lists, vital statistics and military records.
Provides thorough coverage of world history from prehistory through the mid-1500s, with special Topic Centers on key civilizations and regions, including the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome; ancient and medieval Africa, Asia, and the Americas; and medieval Europe and the Islamic World.  Includes primary sources, maps, timelines, videos, and slideshows.
Browse the full text of the Bedford Bulletin from 2009 to the present
Remote access is limited to Bedford Public Library cardholders.  Please contact the Reference Desk to obtain the user name and password. 
Contains essays and scholarly criticism examining great authors—from William Shakespeare to J. K. Rowling—and their works, 800 full-length videos of great literary works, a Literary Classics eBook shelf of more than 1,000 classic works of literature, and guidance on how to write good essays on literature.
Read book reviews and find out which books are being published.
The industry's most popular business research database, featuring full text for more than 2,200 journals.
The easy to use interface makes it simple to find reliable health and mental health information.
Thousands of trusted reviews of appliances, cars, tech, and much more.  The new interface is easier to search than ever before.
Nurture your creative side with 1000+ video classes in painting, knitting, crafting, sewing, and more!  The first time you log in, you will be prompted to create an account so that you can track your progress and create watchlists. Creativebug also has projects for kids ages 5 and older! View Tutorial
Contains more than one million records and hundreds of thousands of full-text documents from ERIC back to 1966.
Over 25,000 encyclopedia entries covering a variety of subject areas.
Binge on knowledge!  Checkout a 7 day pass for unlimited access to video based immersive classes on a variety of topics taught by the world's most engaging professors.  When your access expires, you can always checkout another 7 day pass. View Tutorial
A comprehensive resource that describes how individuals, corporations, and governments effect the environment, and what can be done at each level to minimize these effects.
Full text for nearly 80 consumer health related magazines and journals, including Harvard Health Letter, Men's Health, Prevention, Vegetarian Times, and many others.
A comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources, including census records and historical and genealogical publications, such as The History of Bedford, New Hampshire.
In these video based courses, you will learn from industry experts in topics such as business, home computing, design, photography, and much more!  Login with your library card number and password.  You may track your progress and create playlists.  If you have used before, your progress, certificates, and saved items will be migrated to LinkedIn Learning.  It may take a little time for that to happen.
Full text for over 515 general interest and current events magazines.
MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free. You can use MedlinePlus to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos or illustrations. You can also get links to the latest medical research on your topic or find out about clinical trials on a disease or condition.
Contains full text for a variety of popular middle school magazines.  Each article is assigned a Lexile level.
Provides comprehensive coverage of world history from the 15th century to today.  Topic Centers focus on each region of the world and important time periods, such as A Half Century of Crisis: 1900-1945.  Resources include primary sources, book chapters, overview essays, biographies, and videos.
Find comprehensive financial information on mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs.
Provides full text of U.S. and international newspapers, and transcripts of TV and radio news shows. Please see the reference librarian for access to The Boston Globe and the New York Times.
A comprehensive source of information about books and audiobooks that includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists, book discussion guides, and more.
A database about books specifically for younger readers.  It helps kids find books that are just right for their reading level and interests.
Search full text from thousands of popular publications covering a wide-range of subject areas including business, health, education, politics, and general science. Use this resource to search for Consumer Reports product reviews.
Provides full text for more than 80 of the most popular elementary school magazines.  Each article is assigned a Lexile level.
A highly specialized collection of over 500 full text journals, designed for professional educators.  Tools for educators can also be found in Science Online, Curriculum Correlations to the NH Standards can be found in World Book.
Qello gives you access to full-length concerts and music documentaries from a variety of performers in several genres, including rock, pop, R&B, and more.  Select Qello on the RBDigital page and checkout a 7 day pass for unlimited access to all of Qello’s content. When your access expires, you can always checkout another 7 day pass.  Click to browse what is available (Don't click Login or Start Your Free Trial on that page, instead, return to this Databases page and click Qello Concerts).
**Please note: If unable to access Reference Solutions remotely using Google Chrome, please try using a different internet browser. The most recent version of Chrome has been known to cause access issues.** Detailed information on U.S. and Canadian businesses and a directory of U.S. residents.  Click here for training guides to get the most out of ReferenceSolutions.
Full text of NH Business Review and other regional sources.
Explore social, political, and economic issues, scientific discoveries, and other popular topics.
The records of the Bedford Cemeteries may be searched by a number of different parameters. You may search for information on an individual basis using Last Name, Maiden Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Father's Name, Mother's Name and Mother's Maiden Name. Information about each cemetery is accessed by choosing the cemetery from the menu.
Unlimited access to more than 100 online language courses, packed with pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing and vocabulary-building lessons. You have the ability to write or speak your answers, practice pronunciation by slowing down the on-screen examples, and converse with native speakers though interactive videos. Learn on your own time, at your own pace in the library, at home, or on the go with Byki Mobile for the iPhone® and Android™.
Narrated picture books for kids.
Browse daily issues of the Union Leader
An excellent source of investment information.  Now with home and in-library access!
The classic encyclopedia, online. Choose Reference Center to access the high school level encyclopedia. Choose Kids to access elementary school resources.